Who We Are

Founded by Kristies Lab, Flip for Beirut is a private initiative that aims to support 90 families whose homes and livelihoods were severely impacted by the Beirut port explosion on August 4, 2020. We provide financial assistance to our families through the sale of digital illustrations.

Why Donate

Flip for Beirut uses art to create awareness, spread hope and heal hearts. We have collaborated with a handpicked selection of Lebanese and foreign illustrators to bring to life a series of unique images that capture the essence of Beirut: its triumph and tragedy. Imbued with nostalgia, our limited-edition postcards can be purchased online. Profits from the sale of each and every postcard go directly to vulnerable Lebanese citizens.

The Illustrations

Our digital illustrations are special — just like Beirut. Through lenticular printing, a technology that gives the illusion of depth or movement when pictures are viewed from different angles, we embrace the paradoxes of the Lebanese capital and pay homage to its contradictions.

Our illustrations cost $15 each. Should you wish to donate more to our families in need, you can select $25 or $35 per illustration.

Voyager Illustrator

Voyager imagines the Port of Beirut in the future. His powerful artwork represents an inner journey, a visual metaphysics and a synthesis of everything that is found in his conscious and subconscious mind.

Ralph Khoury

The demise and rebirth of one of Beirut’s most prominent staircases is the subject of Ralph’s illustration, which reinforces the artist’s belief that the city will, once again, rise from the ashes.

Loor Nicolas

As a tribute to Beirut’s inextinguishable nightlife, Loor — an illustrator and tattoo artist — showcases a lively section of Gouraud Street, Gemmayze. He felt it was important to resurrect a place where the youth was once carefree.

Ivan Debs

Ivan is an artist, humanitarian and activist who is deeply passionate about Beirut. His illustration depicts hope; from the ashes must come life, and from the darkness must come light.


In his unique way, Dito chose to portray one of Beirut’s most iconic streets, which was heavily damaged in the August 4 explosion. By adding a touch of fantasy, he made it breathe again.

Camila Nogueira

Camila’s goal as an artist is to make people reinterpret life with a more positive, dreamy perspective. By participating in this project, she felt a great sense of responsibility to bring light to Beirut's tragedy.